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Glendora Music and Arts School Newsletter

Making a difference, one musician at a time

September Newsletter

Important Dates:

Closed - Labor Day weekend (1st, 2nd, 3rd)

Luis' Birthday - September 12th!!!



This is the very first open house we are doing and we are hoping to have a fun time. I remember attending open houses as a child for school and I loved them! This open house was created in hopes to show off our school’s pride and culture to all new possible students who are interested in lessons at Glendora Music and Arts School. 


Our address is 1025 W Arrow highway, Glendora, CA 91740 . We are located in front of “Larios Market”. We will have balloons and signs on arrow highway!


OPEN HOUSE!!! (Food, Music, Giveaways, Tours!)

GMAAS family we are having an OPEN HOUSE EVENT and YOU ARE INVITED!!! This will take place on September 7th and 8th from 9 AM to 5 PM each day. We are going to have food, music, give a ways and tours for new students, YOU GOTTA CHECK IT OUT! 


If you are a new student looking to register for music lessons, you will get $50 OFF simply for coming out to our open house event either day. You will also enter a raffle to get a month of lessons free!! 


If you are a current GMAAS student and you bring a friend or family member to our open house and they sign up, you will get $50 and enter a raffle to get your next month 50% OFF! 


Glendora Music and Arts School is growing! 
If you or any friends and family are interested in lessons, reserve your spot ASAP before we get fully booked this fall! Classes fill up very quickly during the fall! ​(909) 374 - 2856 
Here is how many openings we have at the moment: 
Abby - 2 open slots  
Christina - 0 Open Slots  
Cliff - 0 open slot  
Nahum - 0 open slots  
Ericson -2 open slots  
Luis - 2 open slots 
Derek: 2 open slots 
More teachers to come! 


Glendora Music 

and Arts School

1025 W Arrow Highway

Glendora, Ca 91740

(909) 374 - 2856


IMG_6483 (1).JPG

Vittoria G.

1. What Instruments does she play?

Vittoria takes piano lessons with Ms. Abby

2. How long has she been taking lessons?

Vittoria has been taking lessons for about 3 months now.

3. What kind of music does she like to play?

She loves to play pop music from her favorite artists such as Adam Levine and Freddie Mercury.

4. What stands out about Vittoria?

Vittoria is a very hard worker as well as patient and charismatic. Not only that, she has a super cool name!      

5. What are her hobbies?

Vittoria loves to draw and play with her legos! She loves soccer!


singing and guitar lesson.jpeg

GMAAS would like to thank Viviv for referring his friends and family to the school!


IN THIS ISSUE                                       - Student of the Month

 - Refer a Friend and get $50 CASH

                                                                                                                            Got News for the GMAAS Newsletter?

E-mail yours to

Glendora Music 

and Arts School

1025 W Arrow Highway

Glendora, Ca 91740

(909) 374 - 2856

Refer a Friend and get a FREE Ukulele!

If you have a friend who might like to take lessons and you refer them to GMAAS this February and they contact us by the 31st to take 1 month of lessons in March, we will give you a FREE Ukulele!

It is very easy to refer someone. Either give them our information and have them call us or just visit:
Type in your Name, their name, their e-mail address & number and we will take care of the rest!


Pet of The Month

This month’s pet of the month is…….

Jewel!! So cute!!!! Jewel is one of our singing student’s, Julian L., puppy. Aren’t they the best of pals?!

pet of the month.jpg
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