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Building the Confidence to Perform

Performing in front of an audience can be an exhilarating and nerve-wracking experience. Recitals and concerts provide opportunities for pianists to build confidence and enhance their performance skills. Over time, they learn to manage stage fright, develop stage presence, and effectively communicate with their audience. The ability to perform under pressure and convey emotions through music can translate to increased confidence and improved public speaking skills in other areas of life.

Master the Basics

The way you build up to performing is by regularly practicing and working on the proper techniques. When you master the basics then you will gain a lot of confidence to push yourself harder and try more advanced techniques. You may not know this but, all of the advanced techniques are actually made of the basics. Learning the basics gives you a great foundation so you can complete the harder tasks in the future.

Make Mistakes

This one is super important. It goes for anything in life, Make mistakes!! Making mistakes forces us to pay more attention to what we are doing. This can lead to us solving problems and becoming better. The more mistakes you make, the more you will learn and you will get better. Practice is really important because you have the freedom to make mistakes and learn from them without all the pressure of others watching.

There are many other factors that can help you in your live performances. These are the two most important lessons we have learned that translates into live performing. It starts by believing in your talents and knowing that every show is a chance to get better. Don't forget to listen to helpful advice from teachers or friends that can give you good ideas and make you even better.

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