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Book a V.I.P Tour of our school!

Book a tour of our school any day and time listed below and come check out our school! Scroll down to book a tour!

Simply for touring our facility, we will give you a sweet discount for your first month of lessons if you decide to register! Come and find out why Glendora Music and Arts School is Glendora's fastest growing music school!


Why take a tour of Glendora Music and Arts School?!

Get a V.I.P Tour of our entire facility

See our instructors in ACTION teaching current students at GMAAS (Glendora Music and Arts School)

Meet our Director, Luis Cordova! He will take pride in explaining to you passionate we are about music education and helping our students break out of their shell and develop confidence!

Get a SWEET deal! We appreciate the effort you make to come out to our school and meet us, so in return we will offer you a great discount for your first month simply for taking a tour!

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