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6 Six Different Types Of Music Our Students Are Into

One of the appealing points about our lessons is related to how easy it is to start riffing on your favorite tunes! We offer exciting lessons with no long-term contract. Kids are interested in signing up to get instructions on playing their favorite types of music with their favorite instruments or getting vocal coaching for a particular style they love.

So what do we end up teaching? Here are some of the most popular types of music that students bring to us for evaluation and instruction.

Modern Pop

From favorites like Bruno Mars and Fall Out Boy, we've moved on to even newer acts, many of which have a lot of electronica and synth attached to them. But you can still modify these tunes to be played on traditional instruments and, of course, sung without additions like autotune.

So that's some of what we do here regularly.

Established Vocalists

Lady Gaga is big here. So is Rihanna. We play a lot of music from a few years ago from artists who have been around long enough to command stadium tours.

Adele and Taylor Swift are good examples, but there are many more, too, whose dulcet tones grace our studio. Some of our students are remarkably good at re-creating these sounds!

Country Music Singers

Some of our students are into country and western – either brand-new acts or long-timers with more name recognition among the old guard.

Either way, we can help with guitar, fiddle, banjo lessons or other types of musical instruction for a new generation.


Of course, hip-hop is gaining ground. You see more of this type of music integrated into events, radio playlists, and streaming media.

Again, there might not be a lot of instruments on some hip-hop, but that doesn't mean we can’t help our students to adapt these tunes for their uses!

Classic Music

Yes, for Gen-Xers, we regret to say that acts like Nirvana and Pearl Jam are now classic music.

But many kids are getting into the grunge-era music styles, with rock guitar and presenting an homage to people like Eddie Vedder and Chris Cornell, not to mention Kurt Cobain and crew.

Even Older Music

Now for the really classic old-fashioned music, you go back to acts like the Beach Boys, or the Beatles, or others that hail from more than half a century ago. Of course, many of their songs have been modified and covered by newer bands, which keep help them in the public eye and makes them appealing to our students.

The point is that we help students with all kinds of music to achieve their objectives in sound. Ask us about getting your youngster in for music instruction.

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