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Ceremony For National School of the Year

Glendora Music And Arts School and Upland Music Academy's Ceremony for National School of the year were a success! There was music, tours, food, and most importantly lots of support from the community.

Not only did families of the schools show their support, but present were also:

Marty fort, Music Academy Success System Alexa Sanchez, representing Assemblywoman Blanca Rubio

Mendell Thompson Glendora Mayor Pro-Tem

David Fredendall Glendora Council Member

DJ Jafari, Chamber Vice Chair

Zayn Aga, Representative for Congresswoman Judy Chu

David Rhodes, Rhodes Music School CEO

Theresa Rios, Westminster Arts Academy CEO

Rebecca Carr, Encore Music and Performing Arts CEO

Kyong Lee, Nutley School of Music CEO

From Luis Cordova, Director and CEO

"We are so incredibly honored for the support that we recieved on our big day. Thank you to the chamber and all representatives who showed up. We could have not done this withouth the support of our community. Now, let's go enjoy some tacos!"

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