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Fun Lessons With No Long-Term Contract

One thing people like about our music instruction experience is that students are allowed to change their minds!

We have personalized lessons for each student, with instructors that are engaging and know their stuff when it comes to music theory and things like vocal technique.

At the same time, there's no long-term contract, so families aren't locked into doing the same thing month after month and year after year. Change is inevitable with young ones: we know this, so we make this a part of our philosophy as we build our business.

“It is too early for a child to decide what they enjoy doing the most,” writes an author at ClifOnline. “There may be phases; they start out with painting as a hobby, then might move to studying astronomy. This shift in interest needs to be acknowledged and respected. Only by trying out different hobbies does one get to know which they enjoy the most.”

So that’s important to think about when you’re setting up any kind of program for your child.

Instrument Lessons

Your student comes to us with his or her favorite instrument, and we cultivate that sense of mastery and musical knowledge base that takes them further in their musical journey.

Woodwinds, strings and more – we help your young one to practice and refine his or her skills and talents for wonderful recitals and a confident musical career.

Vocal Lessons

Our vocal coaches can take students through a range of vocal techniques talking about articulators and other aspects of voice work. We take care to provide detailed instruction on the ways that the voice works in the body, through the vocal cords, but also with the body’s natural “wind” and in the diaphragm, to produce the right tonal sounds according to someone’s body type.

What you see from testimonials is that we employ some of the best and most trusted vocal coaches around. Our people are savvy when it comes to technique, but also dedicated to promoting the approach that will serve a student best in his or her development.

A Sense of Community

Here at Upland Music Academy, we know our families, and make it our business to be involved and engaged in their child's work. Check out our affordable rates, too! We aim to be the best choice for local families to foster their kids’ talents. Ask us any questions you may have about the program, and we’ll introduce you to a music school that will allow your fledgling musician to spread his or her wings!

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