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Personal Connections And More

Updated: May 12, 2022

What do students experience here at Upland Music Academy – where music comes to grow?

They experience a musical journey, with instructors who are committed and dedicated to their success. They experience a peer group who can support them in their learning process.

It's these kinds of personal connections that are important – just look at our testimonials and you'll see this philosophy in action.

We have a true mission to support our students, and it shows. Our instructors are a great team – a team that cares, and innovates in this field.

As Paul Simon famously said: “Music is forever; music should grow and mature with you, following you right on up until you die.” We live by that, around Upland, Rancho Cucamonga, Fontana and nearby neighborhoods where young people come to us for growth and enrichment.

A Range of Options

As we train on a variety of instruments along with voice lessons and other instructional options, we always think about what's best for our students.

The warm and welcoming atmosphere is part of setting the stage for musical success later in life.

By taking the time to listen to a student’s personal narrative around their journey, we understand where he or she is going, and what his or her goals or objectives are. Then we match that to our curriculum, and our groups, etc. to get a good fit.


We also operate without requiring a long-term contract. In working with families around Upland, Claremont, Ontario, Montclair, and Pomona, not to mention other nearby places like La Verne and Fontana, we understand that your needs can change, and people don't like to be forced into a long-term decision. That’s true with any kind of contract, but it’s especially important where you are putting money into something like your child’s personal growth.

Frankly speaking, we don't need to require a long-term contract because a lot of our students stay here for quite a number of years. Check out the rest of the website for more on how Upland Music Academy works, and the musical community that we put together in this area of Southern California. We feel like we've accomplished that sense of integrating our business into the local atmosphere and the community in this interesting and exciting part of the world. We see this at work every day, in the eyes of our students, as they take those steps forward, and spread their wings, to fly.

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