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The Role of Parents in a Child's Music Journey

Parents play a super important role for kids while they are learning music! They help cheer them on as they practice their instruments/singing and they go to their shows to see how much their child is improving. They encourage and motivate their children to practice regularly. Parents are usually the first ones to initiate their child's music journey, whether the parents have a music background or not.

Parents are a huge source of inspiration to their child. Parents also are usually the first to introduce their children to music, this is how children begin to learn about their preferences and develop an ear for what they like in music. The music you play around your child heavily influences the music they listen to when they are older and even influences what other types of music they will get into.

Parents are usually the first to let their children know what opportunities there are within music. For example, what instruments to play or why they should learn music. Parents also can encourage their children to try to pursue a career in music or to keep it as a hobby.

Remember to keep encouraging growth and knowledge!!

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