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Use Your Voice – 4 Aspects Of Voice Coaching

Many of our students want to fine-tune their instrument – their voice!

There is no case to lug around or metal or wood instrument parts to maintain. Just the power of your own body and your unique vocal expression. And singing is a great craft that is as old as humanity itself!

Here are some aspects of how we help students on their journey toward voice mastery and excel in voice coaching.

Working on Pitch

Some singers start out ‘pitchy,’ but with practice and attention, they can hone in on those exact pitches that allow them to sing the national anthem or anything else perfectly on pitch and in tune.

There are excellent ways to pursue this, and we help our students to get closer to pitch mastery as we go! That’s partly for the actual mastery, and we also build confidence this way.

The Freedom of Range

Advanced vocal students can also start to explore the increased range. Someone may have always had a good mastery of the middle range, but they want to expand upward into a soprano or higher tenor or something like that.

Being able to span more octaves gives you more options when you're singing. So that's a part of what we do with students, and we also evaluate existing music to talk about how range is used in their favorite genres.

Avoiding Vocal Injury

This is a big one that many people think about when they start practicing with voice lessons.

Think about some of your favorite musical artists – did they escape from the pressure of their career without their voice being irreparably injured? Or did they have long-term damage from improper use of voice in the high-pressure practice of touring?

Specific kinds of strain can harm your vocal cords. So we show you where these mines are in the voice minefield, so to speak, and how to avoid them as you advance toward better voice capabilities.

Working on Breath

Part of the voice, too, is its power.

Whether it's for singing or public speaking or anything else, the power that you give your voice is in the breathing techniques. So we integrate this into our lessons, as well, to make sure students have a good grounding in this aspect of vocal coaching.

That's more of what we do. Check out the testimonials to see how families have reviewed our excellent music and voice and instrument instruction! Here are some additional advantages beyond our professional and knowledgeable instructors. There is a parent-friendly sign-up process, with excellent front desk staff here seven days a week.

You can get month-to-month lessons without any long-term payment plan. Remember, lessons are first come, first served, so ask us about vacancies early to get your kid involved in broadening his or her horizons with music!

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